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Wompats are stunningly beautiful and amazingly comfortable. The convenience of a buckle carrier - with the prettiness of a wrap. Handmade by the same craftsperson from start to finish from your favourite Girasol wrap - they are a one of a kind buckle carrier. It's A Sling Thing are the best place to get your Wompat in the UK, either in stock with free delivery or custom made exactly how you want it really competitive prices. We offer all sizes of Wompat for hire by post or new ones to buy.

If you're not yet sure if a Wompat is right for you and want to try before you buy - take a look at our Wompats available for hire.

Or, if you have decided to take the plunge, check out our Wompats available to buy.

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Wompat Features

Wompats are high quality carriers, they feel well made and special. The main body of a Wompat is made from Girasol woven wrap material. They come in loud and bright rainbow colours and more sedate stripes too! The back side of the panel is made from smooth and strong cotton twill and there is also an added extra layer of cotton between the panel fabrics for extra support. The cotton twill fabric is Öko-tex 100 standard certified.

The carrier body includes two seat darts which create a pouch for the child's bottom so that they will settle in an ergonomic frog-leg position easily with little bouncing down required. Wompats also feature legs out padding, extra thick padding where your little one's legs come out - no more red marks behind the knees.

All Wompat carriers have a cute pointed pixie hood which can be tied up when not needed. The hood supports your baby's head while sleeping, it gives some privacy for the little one, if they feel overwhelmed and protects against rain and sun too.

The shoulder straps are wide and softly padded so that they distribute the weight of your child evenly over your shoulders. The waist band is also softly padded and flexible - so it really moulds to your body. Many people find the straps and waistband very comfortable and quite different than any other carrier.

The waist and shoulder straps have two way adjustable buckles. This means that you can adjust them by pulling either towards you or away from you whether your child is on your front or back. This is great for people who struggle with pulling in either direction - they can just pull in the other! It also means that you can move the buckle itself to any position - so no more awkward buckle in the armpit issues!The buckles and straps are made of durable and strong materials.

Wompat Dimensions

The standard length of the waist band is 62 cm (padded corduroy part). This waist band size is suitable for about 68 - 120 cm waist / hip. The smallest setting is 68cm and the largest setting 120 cm. The Wompat really does fit pretty much anyone!

Newer Wompats (including all the new ones we sell and most of our rental Wompats) have poly shoulder straps. This is an extra strap that reduces the length of the padding on the shoulder strap. The poly straps mean that Wompats fit all sizes of parents from petite to larger. The length of the padded section can be adjusted between about 35-45 cm. The maximum total length of the shoulder strap is about 120 cm and the minimum length is about 44 cm.

Wompat Sizes

Wompats come in 4 sizes, baby, medium, toddler and pre-school. These are the dimensions of the Wompats as given by the manufacturer:

  • Baby size (0-18 months, clothing size (EU) 50 - 86): Height 38 cm, width 38 cm
  • Medium size (1-3 years, clothing size 86-92): height 41 cm, width 41 cm
  • Toddler size (2-4 years, clothing size 92-98): height 45 cm, width 45 cm
  • Pre-school size (3-5 years, sizes 98-104/110): height 50 cm, width 50 cm

You'll see that the sizes overlap so one child could fit in two sizes at the same time. Whenever you see ages referred to - use the size clothes your child is currently in as a guide. So a big 6 month old who is in age 12-18 month clothes would probably suit a medium size best.

My personal recommendation is that 3 months of age would be the smallest child you could carry in the baby sized Wompat. The baby sized Wompat has two methods of adjusting the width of the body of the carrier. It has an integrated cord to reduced the width at the top and a separate cord to be used to reduce the width at the base of the carrier. If you're unsure which size Wompat to buy, why not rent one first?

Wompat Instructions

See Wearababy's website for detailed instructions on how to use the Wompat as well as tips and tricks.

See a Wompat in Action

Sheffield Sling Surgery Wompat Video


We adore Wompats and can tell you anything you need to know about them. If you're not yet sure if a Wompat is right for you and want to try before you buy - take a look at our Wompats available for hire.

Or, if you have decided to take the plunge, check out our Wompats available to buy.

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