All About Connecta

Standard Connecta

This popular size  is suitable to be used from birth (7.5lbs) and fits comfortably until a child is around 2.5 years of age. The accessory strap can be used to cinch the base of the carrier  to provide a perfect fit for smaller babies and later works as a chest belt when back carrying.

The Connecta folds up small and is ideal to take in addition to a buggy or pram for when your toddler is walking and may only need to be carried for shorter periods of time. It will fit in most baby changing bags and the accessory strap can be used to hold it neatly together.

Toddler Connecta

The toddler size is ideal from 18 months – 3 years of age, with a minimum suggested weight of 24lbs  and allows parents an easy option for longer walks where little legs get tired or for when you need to pick up the toddler pace (appointments, school runs etc.)! The Toddler model folds up to fit in a changing bag easily and is ideal for taking through an airport instead of a buggy.

Connecta Preschool

The Connecta Preschool was launched in late 2014 in response to calls from our customers for an option for parents who still want to and/or need to carry their child when they outgrow standard carriers. With a seat width of up to 20 inches and (as all our models are) weight tested to 24 kg this is an ideal option for parents.

Little legs can get tire easily and the Connecta Preschool allows parents the option of carrying their child in a stylish and comfortable carrier negating the need to take an empty pushchair ‘just in case.’

Did you know that according to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health growth charts the average 7 year old in the UK weighs 24kg which is the same weight the Connecta is safety tested to (and the maximum testing weight currently available at our testing laboratory).
The Connecta Preschool is compact and folds away neatly to fit into a handbag or rucksack providing an easy-to-take comfortable option.
We are often asked “when do I need to stop carrying?” The answer simply is, “When you want to.” The Connecta Preschool enables those who wish to extend their carrying journey beyond toddlerhood to do so comfortably.

Solar Connecta

The Solar Connecta is made from a sun-protective fabric which blocks 95- 99% of the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is highly breathable and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin. The Solar Connecta is constructed to keep your baby cool in the heat of summer as well as offering protection from the sun. The solar fabric is a very strong fabric but with a soft cotton like feel. It is very quick drying and is the ideal hot weather baby carrier.

The Connecta is constructed fully in solar fabric with polyester padding in the shoulder straps and can be used at the pool or beach or in the shower. (Never attempt to swim with a baby in any carrier).

It has a sleek one piece design incorporating a large sun/sleeping hood that fastens with small buckles to the shoulder straps to keep your baby shaded or hold a sleeping head.

Petite Straps

Petite straps have 1.5 inches less padding in the shoulder straps. This enables them to be tightened a little  more. This can be particularly useful for those of a very slim build.

With a back carry the Connecta is designed to be a low back carrier and the child should sit in the middle of the lower back when using this position standard straps will work for most users, petite straps can enable a higher back carry when this is desired.

See a Connecta in action!

Front Carry with a Connecta (by Connecta)

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