All About Ring Slings

What is a ring sling?

A ring sling is made from a single piece of fabric, usually around 2m long, with two rings sewn into the end. The other end of the fabric is threaded through these rings to form a loop.

How do you wear a ring sling?

A ring sling is worn over one shoulder like a sash and is tightened by pulling the fabric through the rings which then lock it into place. The most usual ways to carry your child with a ring sling are on your hip facing you or on your front facing you. They can also be used to carry your child on your back or on your front facing out, though these positions take a little more practise.

Ring Sling Preparation & Hip Carry Video by Slingababy

What are the advantages of a ring sling?

• Quick and easy to get on and off
• Suitable from birth to 3 years and more
• Folds down small so good for keeping in the car, bottom of the pram or changing bag
• Easy to breastfeed in
• Easy to lay a sleeping baby down without waking them

What are the disadvantages of a ring sling?

• Weight is not distributed evenly for the adult (on one shoulder rather than both)
• Ring slings take a little practise to learn to use initially

Tell me some brands of ring sling to look out for.

Most woven wrap companies offer ring slings. We like Girasol ring sling, Storchenwiege ring sling, Natibaby ring sling and Didymos ring sling but there are lots lots more!

What is the difference between a gathered shoulder and a pleated shoulder?

There are different types of shoulders on ring slings. The most common types are gathered shoulders and pleated shoulders. You can also find box pleat shoulders and hotdog shoulders around too. They are all different and most people find one style suits them best, so it is worth trying a few out.  

Simple gathered shoulder:


Our Girasol Northern Lights ring sling available to hire

With a gathered shoulder you are able to get a good spread of fabric across your shoulder and back.

Pleated shoulder:


Our Natibaby Cyrpus ring sling available to hire

With a pleated shoulder the fabric is kept in a narrower distribution on your shoulder but still spreads widely across the back.  Different brands will have smaller or larger pleats and more or less of them, so all feel slightly different. 

Is there anything I should know when choosing a ring sling?

We do not recommend you use any ring sling with a welded join on the rings. These can be dangerous. The rings on a ring sling should be continuous and you should not see a join.

Some ring slings have padding in the shoulder and in the edges or ‘rails’ - this padding is designed to make it more comfortable to wear, but can also make it bulkier and less easy to adjust. For this reason many people prefer unpadded ring slings.

We recommend ring slings made from material especially woven to carry children rather than simple cotton, bed sheet like material. People tend to find woven wrap ring slings more comfortable for both adult and child.

Show me your ring slings available to hire!

We have one of the largest selection of ring sling available to hire in the UK.  Check them out here.  

Show me your ring slings available to buy!

We have our favourite ring slings available to buy.  Check them out here.  

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